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Directions: How to find us

If you are travelling by car:

  •     Exit Motorway A9 (Nürnberg) at Exit 42 (Bayreuth Süd).
  •     Then follow the signs to the university.
  •     At the entrance to the university, take a left and follow the street until you see the four characteristic bars of the Eng. with a blue-grey sundial in front (info point 12).
  •     The buildings housing most of the chairs of the Faculty of Engineering Science are called FAN A-D.
  •     Parking is located on the other side on the NWII parking lot.


If you are travelling by public transport:

  •     Take the train to Bayreuth Hauptbahnhof.
  •     Outside the main station, you will find taxi stands and bus stops.
  •     Bus 316 travels directly from the station to the university campus on Monday through Friday.
  •     Otherwise, take a bus to Markt/ZOH.
  •     From there, take Bus 304 (Birken/Universität) or Bus 306 (Universität/Campus) to reach the university.
  •     Exit the bus at the stop Universität/Geowissenschaften.
  •     Follow the street in direction of the FAN buildings.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Dr. Adelheid Schütz

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