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The Dean's office

Dean: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Rieg

Engineering Design and CAD

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 7100
Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 7191
E-Mail: dekanat.ing@uni-bayreuth.de

The dean leads the faculty and functions as its representative in the senate, towards the university governing board and the university council. As chair of the faculty council, he prepares the decisions and ensures implementation. In regards to education and studies, he closely cooperates with the student dean.

Vice Dean: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Walter KrenkelProfKrenkel

Ceramic Materials Engineering

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 5500
E-Mail: walter.krenkel@uni-bayreuth.de

Prof_bakran_kleinDean of Studies: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mark-M. Bakran

Chair of Mechatronics

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 7800
E-Mail: studiendekan.ing@uni-bayreuth.de

The dean of studies ensures that the courses required for study programmes are being offered, evaluates them and regularly reports to the dean and the faculty council. He suggests improvements for the course of study of the programmes and, if needed, provides changes in the examination and study regulations as well as for curricula.

Assistant to the faculty management: Dr. Adelheid SchützAdelheid_Schuetz_small

NW III Office 2.33

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 7875
E-Mail: adelheid.schuetz@uni-bayreuth.de

EduCare coordinator: Dipl.-Ing. Alexandra Julia HeyerFriedel

NW III Office 2.33

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 7876

E-Mail: alexandra.heyer@uni-bayreuth.de

Dean’s office, secretary: Angela FichtelAngela Fichtel

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 7101

E-Mail: dekanat.ing@uni-bayreuth.de

Dean’s office, secretary: Monika KneidlMonika_Kneidl_small

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 7101

E-Mail: dekanat.ing@uni-bayreuth.de

External Division (ZUV - Dep. A/6): Hans-Peter Oerteloertel-hp (4)

Dean's office

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 7102
E-Mail: oertel@uni-bayreuth.de

Chair of Examiners: Prof. Dr. Ruth Freitag

Chair for Process Biotechnology

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 7370
E-Mail: bioprozesstechnik@uni-bayreuth.de

The chair of the joint board of examiners for all study programmes (B.Sc./M.Sc.) of the faculty is the contact for questions regarding admission to the programme and credit for courses in other programmes (or at other institutions of higher education).

Chair of Examiners Metal Technology Education: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Glatzel

Metals and Alloys

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 5555
E-Mail: uwe.glatzel@uni-bayreuth.de

Students consultants

Questions regarding the professional prospects of engineers or regarding the personal requirements for successful studies can be directed to the dean of studies. In addition, the following degree programmes have their own adviser. Please refer to the pages of the bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

Women's Representative: Dr.-Ing. Bettina Alber-LaukantB_Alber_Laukant

Chair for Engineering Desing and CAD

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 7192
E-Mail: bettina.alber@uni-bayreuth.de

Vice Women's Representative: Dr. Valérie JérômeValerie_Jerome

Chair for Process Biotechnology

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 7372
E-Mail: valerie.jerome@uni-bayreuth.de

Vice Women's Representative: Dr.-Ing. Carolin SpatzDr_Carolin_Spatz

Ceramic Materials Engineering

Telephone: +49(0)921 55 - 5581
E-Mail: carolin.spatz@uni-bayreuth.de

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