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study applicants

study applicants

Study applicants

Future engineers experience a broad and thorough training at the Ing.. The study programmes are taught in German language - with the exception of the Master's degree course Biofabrication. All incoming degree seeking students should contact the International Office of the University of Bayreuth first.


Deadline for application (International Office): 15th of June (winter term); 15th of December (spring term)

General information

When and where can I register?

Registration takes place online. All the information about registration as well as the current dates and deadlines are provided on the website of the student office.

When should I plan for a preparatory industrial placement?Einklappen

It is highly recommended to complete at least six weeks of placement before starting the programme. The type and duration of the placement activities are to be certified by the corresponding company or institute.

Is there a numerus clausus (NC)?Einklappen

Despite rapidly growing numbers of students in this field, there are currently no efforts on the part of the faculty to put admission restrictions in place.

What exactly does the professional life of an engineer look like?Einklappen

The experience of our graduates has shown us that their professional areas of application have a very wide range. They find work, for example, in automotive production or in plant construction for regenerative energy. Other options include working in research institutes of the Fraunhofer or Max-Planck societies as well as in universities. In principle, any profession open to a mechanical engineer is covered with the education provided here. A tip: Under the engineering slot, search for some jobs on Monster.de and see what you find and what kind of impression of this profession is conveyed.

Do financial support options exist for these studies?Einklappen

There are numerous funding options: Various stipends, such as the Germany stipend or BAföG abroad, are available as financial support. The page ‘Studis Online’ offers an overview of possible stipends under the header “Money + Bafög”. Those interested in stipends will also find information on the homepage of the University of Bayreuth.

Is student housing available in Bayreuth?Einklappen

For information on housing, please see the information pages of the university about the Association for Student Affairs and the St. Joseph Foundation.

Are pre-courses offered at the Eng.?Einklappen

Yes, there is a pre-course in mathematics which is intended to convey and/or refresh the required basic knowledge. The course takes place in the first two weeks of October, right before the beginning of the semester. More information is available when registering with the student office.

For whom is the mathematics pre-course intended and what is the content?Einklappen

The mathematics pre-course is intended for all beginning students of the bachelor’s programmes in engineering science, materials science & engineering as well as business administration and engineering. The contents are listed here.

What exactly are the contents of the studies?Einklappen

Exact descriptions of the study contents are listed in the general descriptions of the individual courses of study or the curricula on the respective pages of the courses of study.

How might my schedule look?Einklappen

All courses and lectures are listed in the course catalogue of CAMPUSonline. You can select the corresponding courses, for example at the faculty of engineering science, and transfer them to your individual schedule.

Does the University of Bayreuth offer English courses which are suitable for engineers?Einklappen

The Language Centre offers the courses “Scientific & Technical Presentation Skills” and “Scientific & Technical Writing”, among others. These courses require registration via flexnow, possibly also a placement test. The courses count as credits towards exams. All dates for courses and lectures are listed in the course catalogue.

Who can I contact for receiving credit for previous courses taken?

For the assessment of previous courses taken, students will need to contact the chair of the board of examiners. Please contact him via E-mail.

Why does the Eng. offer a programme in engineering science with three different specialisations?

In engineering science, there are some basic subjects which are integrated into the schedule in almost all study courses world-wide (e.g. engineering mathematics, technical mechanics ...). However, students are also looking to familiarise themselves with practical applications as early as possible. In order to combine the required basic education in engineering science with an individually selectable field of application as early as possible, the Eng. created the study programme “Engineering Science” (energy science & technology, environmental and bioengineering science). Apart from the basics, this programme offers special lectures as of the fourth semester which will cover one of the three specialisations “Biotechnology and Process Engineering”, “Energy Science & Technology” or “Automotive and Mechatronic Technology”. This way, students are able to experience the application of all basics “in full action”, depending on their interest, and can perfect these skills in master's studies in the same field. Or students can use the acquired basics and select different master's studies because preferences have changed throughout the course of the bachelor's studies.

Will I be able to work as student assistant (HiWi)?Einklappen

The chairs of the Eng. as well as plenty of research institutions outside the university, such as Fraunhofer, offer multiple opportunities to work as a HiWi. It is highly recommended since it provides students with an insight into current state of research and helps attain addition competencies which are in high demand in the industry as well. Variable working hours each month as well as flexible schedules will ensure that the activity as a HiWi will fit into any schedule. Many positions as student assistants can be found on the main bulletin board. Those students who are interested in an activity as student assistant can also contact the relevant chairs or institutes directly.

How long is the internship in industry and what should it entail?Einklappen

In master’s studies thirteen weeks of industrial placement are obligatory for students. Proof of the completed placement must be provided within the first year of studies. In bachelor’s studies (“Engineering Science” (Energy Science & Technology), “Materials Science & Engineering), thirteen weeks of industrial placement are required, six of which must take place before beginning the programme. This also applies for “Engineering Science” with the specialisation “Automotive and Mechatronic Technology”. In the bachelor study programme “Business Administration & Engineering”, the industrial placement must last 18 weeks. The requirements for bachelor studies in “Vocational Training - Specialisation in Metalworking” are provided here. All guidelines regarding the placement are also listed on the pages of the placement office.  Students adhering to these guidelines will not have a problem having their placement recognised.

When should I plan for a bachelors preparatory industrial placement?

It is highly recommended to complete six weeks of placement before starting the programme. The type and duration of the placement activities are to be certified by the corresponding company or institute.

Who will mind my completed industrial placement?Einklappen

The pages of the placement office provide all the necessary information.

Is there a possibility of completing the placement or taking courses abroad?Einklappen

Yes, there is, but students will have to organise their own stipends. Previously completed courses, however, can be approved. For this, it is best to discuss the issues directly with professors.

Should I complete a master’s degree after the bachelor?Einklappen

The focus in the bachelor’s programmes is place on the practical implementation of acquired knowledge. In addition, we recommend subsequent specialisation in master's studies.

What are the admission criteria for master's studies?Einklappen

The admission criteria for individual master's studies result out of the examination regulations.  The examination regulations are provided on the pages of the master's study programmes. Please note especially each set of examination regulations. Proof of the completed placement must be provided within the first year of studies.

Who is responsible for admissions, and whom can I contact if I have questions?

Responsible for admission of all master's studies is the current chair of the board of examiners. Your first request should be accompanied by a list of the courses (incl. your scope in weekly hours) completed during your first studies so that the admission criteria can be checked in accordance with the corresponding examination regulations (admission to studies, qualification). Please note that admission is not always granted via the programme moderators. One exception are the English-language master's studies in biofabrication. For this, the aptitude assessment process will determine your admission. The process of the aptitude test is described in the examination regulations (comp. Annexe 3 of the POStO biofabrication). This programme has its own board of examiners.

When is it possible for bachelor students to enrol in master's studies?Einklappen

If the bachelor certificate or a completion certificate of equal value is not yet available, a confirmation with individual marks and all completed examinations and courses must be presented. These credits must amount to a minimum of 150 credit points. Applications who fulfil the requirements as per Clause 2 will be enrolled under the condition that they will provide the completion certificate until the end of the second semester.

As of when can I begin working on my master's thesis?

The master's thesis can be started once the candidate has accumulated at least 40 credit points.

How do I find a suitable topic for my study, project and final papers?

The chairs of the Eng. publicize topics for student (final) theses on the notice board of each chair home page. Please approach your instructors directly if they represent a subject you might find interesting in order to find possible topics.

Can the final thesis be completed outside the university?Einklappen

In exceptional cases, the final thesis can be completed outside of the Faculty of Engineering Science. However, the topic of the final thesis must be approved by an instructor of the University of Bayreuth. In addition, proof needs to be provided about the cooperation of the supervising chair with the company for which the thesis is to be completed.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Dr. Adelheid Schütz

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